Sad Digital Songs For Even Later
When your register light is on: "Are you open?"
When your register light is off: *joins line without question*
citizen-zero: “I was thinking about how The Duck Song by Bryant Oden is a perfect example of what it's like to work in retail.”



… it’s perfect

the face of retail

samanisam: “"Hi how are you?" "I don't want a bag"”


current mood: does not want bag




'The Rose Girl' (detail) Émile Vernon (1872-1919)

Conor Oberst discusses David Bowie’s influence

(via yosemitemery)

I’ve appreciated artists like David Bowie, who’s a true chameleon that can try these different styles and disappear into the music,” he said. “And that’s a skill all on its own, and I kind of do that. But I’m a bad chameleon. It’s like, ‘It’s that guy again!’ But I don’t really mind that because there’s something to be said for having your own voice.